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1. Warranty RAs: If a product is damaged due to initial shipping, the dealer or customer needs to contact the shipping company immediately in order to file a claim. Since EVERY package is insured, the ONLY way to collect on the insurance is to contact the shipping company as soon as possible. RSQ will not assume any responsibility for damaged products due to shipping. Shipping carriers are resposable for all damages. All are packaging exceeds all shipping carriers requirements. Customers are resposable for all shipping charges if they do not contact the shipping carrier first and all damages to the machine. Pictures of the box the equipment is shipped in must be presented to both the shipping carrier and RSQ when making a claim.

2. All warranty repairs MUST be accompanied by a copy of the receipt.

3. If an RSQ item is broken upon arrival due to a manufacturing defect, the customer has 7 days upon receipt of the product to contact RSQ and receive an RA number. The customer will incur NO out of pocket cost for returning the product. RSQ will create a call tag and have the item returned for either a repair or replace.

4. Non-Warranty RAs will be issued from RSQ ONLY. The customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from RSQ. There will be a $45 minimum bench fee (which includes the first hour of labor) for ALL items returned for repair. Parts for items will be priced accordingly and every customer will be contacted for prcing of parts. After the included first hour of labor, labor charges will be $45 per hour.

5. All items shipped to RSQ must be shipped with signature confirrmation. No other method is acceptable.RSQ will no be held responsable for any items shipped to RSQ with out signature confirrmation.